I'm Chingo. I love Jesus. I'm Nigerian and Proud. I love music. I sing and play the piano. This blog is Random... But it will make you smile!
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OROMA ELEWA x BANTU WAX: The Bantu Babe Series

A collection of picturesque beach images featuring Oroma Elewa and a friend on Mikadi Beach in Kigamboni, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, wearing pieces designed by Yodit Eklund for Bantu Wax. Art direction was also done by Oroma Elewa herself.

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Hurricanes/Typhoons viewed from Space

Typhoon Nabi - September 3, 2005

Hurricane Emily - July 17, 2005

Hurricane Dean - August 18, 2007

Hurricane Ivan (APOD)- September 11, 2004

Hurricane Emilia - July 2012

Typhoon Yuri - November 1991

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this is yummy

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monção houses ~ joão paulo loureiro

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casa 31 ~ caroline di costa architect | iredale pedersen hook architects