I'm Chingo. I love Jesus. I'm Nigerian and Proud. I love music. I sing and play the piano. This blog is Random... But it will make you smile!
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by Thom & Sam Rainer - Essential Church 

How does a church move from essential to non-essential?  

Armor is not meant to be shiny.

Armor is meant to be used in battle.

Our armor should have dings, scratches, scuffs, and dents in it.

How’s your armor doing?

Essential Church (via justinyang)


Most of the dropouts leave the church between the ages of seventeen and nineteen. - Thom & Sam Rainer


This rich family killed an elephant while it was eating. I see 5 animals and an elephant. Reblog let’s make them “famous”

Magaz…. mschewww… God will repay

The Truth. …. The History you are scared to know, because it is repeating itself slowly


Kaza, India | Dipesh Dutt